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24 Carrot Co. began in my head, a long, long time ago. You see, I’ve had this yearning desire to serve the world in a bigger way, inspiring people everywhere to get their veggies in and proving it can be simple and fun. No intimidation or shaming, whatsoever, so that this world can get a little healthier, one meal at a time. 
Raised by a hardworking farmer father and a gardening-guru super-home-chef mother, I was the kid that had the homemade whole grain bread, heirloom tomatoes and sprouts on her sandwich in the first grade. And although I may have dreamt of having fruit roll-ups instead of handmade fruit leather in my lunch and may have strayed from my roots a little when I left home, I came back to this feel good way of eating when I was ready. 
That’s the hope for me now, as a mom of two. I proclaim my love of veggies at every meal, I make up funny stories of how you can see in the dark like a super hero when you eat your carrots, I get them involved in chopping ingredients up before meals and I know deep within, that even if my kids whine for more of the good “fun” stuff now (donuts, ice cream, you get the point), eventually they’ll realize that real foods are where it’s at, and the true fun is continued health and vitality…not to mention…healthy foods taste AH-mazing!
24 Carrot Co. is a reflection of that vision. I’m no hippie, and certainly love all foods, but I feel that if we all added a rainbow of colour into our diets we would naturally crowd out some of the not-so-great stuff, and in turn, we could turn the state of health in this country around. 
Here’s to more peas on earth.